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Melissae di Erice

Sunshine: the clean, clear light, the classical influences of Greek and Roman architecture,  and food – especially honey  - are inextricably linked to Sicily. So I felt I too  had to take on the challenge of a honeycomb

honeycomb_cuff Melissae di Erice Gold Cuff

It was the great classical Sicilian craftsman, Daedalus, who built a golden honeycomb so perfect that no one believed he had made it himself. He offered it to the goddess Aphrodite at her temple at Erice.  Erice, poised upon a hilltop looks out over Trapani and on beyond to the Aegadian islands on north-western coast of Sicily. The view even today is spectacular.

erice_insp_rect The view from Erice

From the small symmetrical pendant with its golden bee and sparkle of the diamond within, to the ring and the bold cuff and of course to the larger pendant with its amusing outline almost reflecting the outline of the great Mediterranean volcanic  island, natures’ symmetry is recreated in my own interpretation.

honeycomb_ring Melissae di Erice diamond ring
honeycomb_pendant Melissae di Erice pendants