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A Guide to Brooches

Are brooches back in style?

Brooches are back in style despite once being regarded as old-fashioned. Brooches have a rich and unique history dating back to the bronze age. The British royal family, particularly the late Queen, has an extensive and exquisite collection of brooches - Queen Elizabeth II was rarely seen in public without a brooch on her lapel!

Recently, brooches have been spotted on the runways of Loewe, Givenchy, Chanel and Oscar de La Renta and have been featured in the latest collection of designers such as Saint Laurent and Miu Miu.

Often seen as a niche accessory, brooches are set to re-emerge as a classic and innovative symbol of luxury craftsmanship.

A Transformative Quality

The unique quality of Cassandra Goad brooches is their ability to be worn in a plethora of different ways. All Cassandra Goad brooches can be worn as a brooch or as a necklace pendant. Cassandra can also create a pearl choker which your brooch can sit within.

Brooches, due to their transformative qualities, require highly skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen to create. Cassandra’s exquisite attention to detail combined with her extensive knowledge of traditional jewellery-making techniques ensures that a Cassandra Goad brooch is a true work of art.

Can I transform my heirloom brooch?

Brooches are often passed down through multiple generations.
While these jewels can hold sentimental value, our clients often struggle to find occasions to wear these heirlooms.


At Cassandra Goad we can re-fit your brooch to allow it to be worn as a brooch and as a necklace pendant.

We also offer custom pearl necklaces into which your brooch can sit.


Sometimes all an heirloom needs is some TLC.

We would be happy to polish or discuss any repairs your brooch might be in need of.


Cassandra would be delighted to assist in re-imaging your heirloom brooch.

She will personally guide you through the re-design process, ensuring the memories and heritage of the jewel is respected while transforming it into a wearable design you will cherish.

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