Zodiac Silver Pendant


Silver Zodiac necklace pendant - Inspired by the Gold mohurs of the Mughal emperor Jahangir (AD 1605-27) at the British Museum. From the Journey to India. These pendants are made to order, please select the star-sign from the list.

The pendant, including loop, measures approximately 18x15mm

The Zodiac signs are:
22nd December - 20th January: Capricorn
21st January - 19th February: Aquarius
20th February - 20th March: Pisces
21st March - 20th April: Aries
21st April - 21st May: Taurus
22nd May - 21st June: Gemini
22nd June - 22nd July: Cancer
23rd July - 22nd August: Leo
23rd August - 23rd September: Virgo
24th September - 23rd October: Libra
24th October - 22nd November: Scorpio
23rd November - 21st December: Sagittarius

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