About Cassandra

Cassandra is a designer, gemologist, alchemist, adventurer, writer and polyglot. She feels strongly that jewels should be carried forward for future generations, she has an artist’s sensibility, a writer’s ear for a story, and a scientist’s eye for detail. She is a habitual avoider of the limelight, yet also a restless explorer - and a lover of bringing people together for a relaxed dinner or at one of her inspired parties.

Timelessly Elegant

Her designs are timelessly elegant, yet fresh and contemporary. She is passionate about the grand traditions of 18th and 19th century, yet her own pieces are often playful and witty. Every single person who visits her on Sloane Street is welcomed into the extended 'Cassandra family'.

Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas and Chemical Compounds

Cassandra is enchanted by beautiful things. She will quote you Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas - and the chemical compound of Beryl (it's Be3Al2Si6O18). She's as passionate about 'transforming' old unworn heirlooms into pieces you can wear as she is about creating her own original designs.

Cassandra believes in minimizing her environmental imprint and being local to you with her very personal and intuitive service. So if you’ve not visited her shop on Sloane Street - you should make the time. The townhouse, with its velvet sofas, glass cabinets, reclaimed wooden floor and windows that let the daylight flood in - and of course Cassandra and her wonderful team to welcome you - is more than a little bit magical. You will feel as though Cassandra is welcoming you into her home: she is often there sharing her design ethos and creative intelligence with customers and her team alike.

Cassandra is excited to be crafting jewels, so many of them one-offs, with such personal contact with her customers. Traceability is important to her, she knows who cuts her stones and she has a photographic memory of where she found them; she is concerned about recycling metals and she delights in repurposing precious metals and stones of rarely worn jewels into new creations. At the start of this new era she aims for her brand to be sustainable, from her workshop through to the Sloane Street shop, and from her designs all the way to her jewels.