About Cassandra

Cassandra is a designer, gemologist, adventurer, writer, polyglot. She has an artist’s sensibility, a writer’s ear for a story, a scientist’s eye for detail. She’s a habitual avoider of the limelight, yet also a restless globetrotting adventurer - and a thrower of legendary parties.

Timelessly Elegant

Her designs are timelessly elegant, yet fresh and contemporary. She is passionate about the grand traditions of 18th and 19th century, yet her own pieces are often playful and witty. Her jewellery is worn by Lord Mayors, countesses, princesses. Yet every single person who visits her on Sloane Street is welcomed into the extended 'Cassandra family'.

Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas and chemical compounds

She is enchanted by beautiful things. She will quote you Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas - and the chemical compound of Beryl (it's Be3Al2Si6O18). She's as passionate about 'transforming' old unworn heirlooms into pieces one can wear as she is about creating her own original designs.

So if you’ve not visited her shop on Sloane Street, you must take the time. The townhouse, with its velvet sofas, wooden cabinets and – of course – Cassandra and her wonderful team to welcome you, is more than a little bit magical. You’ll feel as though Cassandra is welcoming you into her home. And in an age of impersonal websites and global brands, there too Cassandra goes her own way: she is utterly committed to her customers, and delights in knowing them personally. A regular customer might return for a special occasion. ‘I know’, Cassandra will say, ‘I’ve been giving it some thought’.