Quote Pendants

Quote Pendants

Cassandra's quote pendants are a collection of quotes from inspiring people. They serve as reminders of hope, possibility and adventure.

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Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and make a trail.

The words from Cassandra's first quote pendant.
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A Gift to Treasure

''The combination of my love of jewellery, typefaces and the art of lettering and literature is all contained in my Quote pendants. When I find a new quote, I play with the words, with the serifs, with the layout. I ponder it over time to be sure it offers encouragement and empowers the wearer wherever their life may take them. I love to think of godparents, grandparents and friends sharing the quotes, binding them together through life, however far apart they may be.''


Cassandra keeps a commonplace book into which she notes down phrases, quotations from novels and poems, and sayings in any language. Cassandra has also undertaken bespoke projects using quotes and words that have been brought to her. They can be in any language, created in any design and even written in the writer's own handwriting.