Introducing the Maroc Collection

Porte Ouvrant Design Story

The Porte Ouvrant is inspired by the carved wooden doorways that open into gardens of succulents and scented jasmines tumbling into fountains decorated with mosaics. The swivelling door allows the pendant to be eternally 'opening', rather than just open, to honour our new hopes, dreams, and opportunities.

Mashrabiya Trellis Design Story

Mashrabiya Trellis is used in Moroccco to hide the women from prying eyes, as well as to provide shade in the hot stone courtyards. The intricate lattice of the trellis inspired Cassandra's geometric design, where you can see the shapes and patterns from the Moroccan Trellis expertly transformed into delicate golden squares.

Pomegranate Design Story

The Pomegranate is seen across cultures as a symbol of love and fertility, as well as being medicinal to both mind and body. Slide this golden pomegranate pendant open to reveal cabochon ruby seeds set with pavé set sparkling diamonds.

Talya Design Story

Talya means 'Dew from God' in Hebrew and is inspired by the great Moroccan and Hebrew tradition of storytelling. The Talya design with its gemstones, like 'dew ', tells a story in its simplicity.

Our Artist in Residence

Early in May this year our artist in residence, Theo, spent some time painting some of the exceptional Moroccan landscapes. From sandy deserts to intricate, almost ‘heart-shaped’ Porte Ouvrant doorways, he brought to life these incredible features all under the roof of 147 Sloane Street...