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Sustainability and traceability at Cassandra Goad

Cassandra Goad is committed to making environmentally and socially conscious jewellery. As a company, we understand the importance of working with natural resources in a responsible manner within an industry which is often flooded with over-production and unsustainable practises.

Our approach

Cassandra Goad is founded on considered and sustainable production. By the nature of our curated collections and bespoke focus, our production processes are directly linked to authentic demand and often specific jewels are crafted directly to an individual client’s desires. 

Over half of the jewellery we make is from our bespoke work, where we take old jewels and heirlooms and re-imagine them into a new design. Our bespoke projects give new life to old stones and recycle existing precious metals which maintains the history of a jewel as well as reducing our environmental impact. 

Responsibly sourced materials 

Over her forty years in the jewellery industry, Cassandra has formed strong relationships with small independent gemstone dealers and stone cutters who she has personally worked with for several decades. Cassandra will only source gemstones from reputable individuals who provide traceability for each gemstone. 

Cassandra often sources rarer and more unusual gemstones directly from the mines in their country of origin and works closely with gemstone merchants to individually select each gemstone herself. Cassandra regularly visits jewellery mines and her gemstone merchants to ensure the authenticity and origin of each stone.

Please note, with some bespoke projects we cannot guarantee the exact origin of each stone as they have been recycled from previous designs and have often been in circulation for hundreds of years.  

Recycling precious metals

It is unusual to find newly mined gold and silver today as the vast majority of precious metals have already been mined. Even so, Cassandra is committed to recycling precious metals. With every bespoke project, Cassandra will try and re-utilise the original metal within the new design. 

Cassandra is drawn to the history embedded in precious metals which has often been in circulation from the Roman times and feels inspired to be adding to a metal’s rich history. 

In the limited instances where Cassandra sourced newly mined precious metals, she works closely with her metal merchants to ensure the origin and authenticity of the metal. 

Guaranteed authenticity

Every Cassandra Goad jewel is hallmarked by the London Assay office. With each jewel, the Assay office will test the composition of the metal before marking it with the city of creation, date of creation and type of metal. The Assay office will even individually test and hallmark each earring or cufflink within a pair.

Interchangable designs

The design ethos at Cassandra Goad is built on creating beautiful and timeless jewels that can be worn across generations. The materials we use are not only durable but also designed to be passed down from grandmother to granddaughter.

To boost the longevity of our jewels, we have a unique concept of interchangeability. Throughout all our collections, our considered designs give our clients options to wear our designs in multiple ways.

Why not switch earring drops on our classic Astrea hoop earrings or refresh your Halo studs with a new stone. 


At Cassandra Goad, we are committed to training young craftsmen and specialists, giving them opportunities to learn and improve their skills in the world of jewellery.

Each year Cassandra works closely with her workshop apprentice to develop and increase their skills. Cassandra believes in providing an extensive training programme and develops their skills in modern jewellery techniques as well as teaching them often forgotten traditional jewellery techniques. 

If you would like further information on our sustainability practises or the specific journey of a jewel, please contact our boutique team.