Welcome to the Mexico Collection

"If I didn’t live in Italy, then I would live in Mexico. I love the Mexican sense of fun, the vibrant colours, the exotic food (and its beautiful presentation) and its wonderful culture and folkloric traditions. I have travelled extensively over the country: from The Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan, to the lake at Patzcuaro (near Morelia) for Dia de Muertos. From the Sian K’aan Biosphere along the Eastern coast, to the Western Coast to watch the flight of the flamingoes. And there is so much more to see up north beyond the opal mines at Queretaro. And I would go back every year, forever."

Cocoa Pod

The perfect gift this Christmas for chocolate-lovers .Cocoa was used in Mexico as early as 1750 BC. Both the Maya and Aztecs used it as an offering in ceremonies. The Aztecs called it 'Xocoatl' and believed it came from Quetzalcoatl the God of wisdom. The iconic Cocoa Pod swivels to reveal cocoa beans in the form of rose cut rubies and diamonds, while on the other, the pod is empty because they have been eaten already!

Cactus Rings

Inspired by the round spiked cactus that Cassandra came across in her journey through Mexico. These incredible plants endure and thrive in harsh conditions thanks to, a large extent, their spikes. Choose from rose gold, yellow gold and silver. Or wear them all together in a stack.


Cassandra's Cactus design is inspired by the spikes of the prickly pear cactus so common in Mexico.

Aztec Earrings

Pina Diamond Gold Pendant