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Bespoke Customisations

How can I customise my jewels?

At Cassandra Goad, we believe in carefully handcrafting jewels for individuals to endure through generations.

While we strive to create jewels we hope will captivate, we are always happy to customise a design to your preferences. Whether you are looking for a specific metal or gemstone or would like to alter a current design, our team will guide you through the customisation process, combining your preferences with their expert gemmology knowledge.

Discover below our full range of bespoke customisations.

Choose your metal

If you would like one of our designs in a specific metal, please let us know. We are always happy to customise the metals used to your preferences.

Please note with some designs a specific metal has been used for structural purposes and may not be suitable for customisation.


Choose your length

If there is a specific chain length you are looking for, we would be delighted to organise this for you. Specific customisations to our chains are available upon request, such as additional loops or safety chains.


Pick unique gemstones

If you are dreaming of a specific gemstone, do not hesitate to get in touch. Cassandra would be delighted to source specific gemstones for you or incorporate your personal stones into a design.


Customisable to you

If you require slight alterations to a jewel, we are always happy to accommodate this. Whether you need additional links added to a bracelet, clip on fixtures on a pair of earrings or would like to include additional gemstones, Cassandra will ensure that your jewel is exactly as you would like.


Add a personal message

Every Cassandra Goad jewel can be engraved. All our engraving is completed by hand in our London workshop, and we are happy to engrave any jewel in any location you wish.

We can engrave personal handwriting or drawings, as well as a specific font of your choosing.


Carry your loved ones with you

A beautiful way to cherish your loved ones, Cassandra offers a bespoke silhouette service. Custom silhouette drawings (which are yours to keep) are created by our silhouette artist that we then recreate in precious metal.

Silhouettes can be added to a bracelet or worn as a necklace pendant.  


Signet rings

Our range of signet rings are designed to be engraved with a coat of arms, crest or initials. We offer crest creation services or can work off an existing seal. We can also engrave your seal onto matching cufflinks for a complete look.


Eternity Rings

Our selection of eternity rings include both ‘full’ and ‘half’ eternity rings. With ‘full’ eternity rings, gemstones are set around the full circumference of the ring. ‘Half’ eternity rings feature gemstones around half the circumference of the ring.

Often Cassandra Goad eternity rings can be created as either ‘half’ or ‘full eternity rings if desired.


Bespoke Creations

Alongside our bespoke customisations, Cassandra offers completely bespoke services. If you have an idea for a dream jewel Cassandra can bring your wishes to life.

Cassandra’s expert knowledge of gemmology and jewellery craftsmanship paired with her detail-orientated approach ensures that all your desires will become a reality.

Begin your bespoke journey