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Cassandra's Story

Cassandra is a designer, gemmologist, alchemist, adventurer, writer and polyglot.

Cassandra designs her jewellery for the modern world, ensuring her designs are structured with the wearer in mind. She believes in the longevity of jewellery and is an alchemist of tradition. The modern jewellery wearer demands more from their jewellery and Cassandra crafts her jewels to adapt to every occasion through customisable and interchangeable designs. She has an artist’s sensibility, a scientist’s eye for detail and a writer’s ear for a story. A restless explorer, Cassandra draws her inspiration from designs and communities across the globe to create unique and inspiring jewellery that can be cherished for generations.

An artist’s sensibility

Cassandra draws inspiration from everything around her. Each collection is inspired by a new country which has captivated her. Her designs are crafted from an array of stimuli – from architectural details to traditional music. Her designs aim to capture not just the designs of a country but its spirit too.

A gemmologist’s eye for detail  

A scientist at heart, Cassandra’s passion and deep scientific knowledge of gemmology and jewellery ensures her designs are beautifully designed and crafted for the modern wearer. Her unique fusion of modern and traditional jewellery techniques coupled with her perceptive understanding of the needs of her clients allows Cassandra to craft jewellery which will be cherished for generations.

A lover of storytelling

A lover of a good story, Cassandra shares interesting stories through her designs. An endlessly inquisitive person, Cassandra designs jewellery which tells powerful stories and reminds its wearer to stay curious every day.

A restless explorer

An avid traveller, Cassandra brings the magic of the countries she visits home with her through her designs. A discoverer of hidden gems, Cassandra Goad is not only a jeweller but also the best place in town to pick up invaluable travel suggestions.

A designer for the modern individual

Cassandra’s inherent sense of style is fundamental to her design process. Her comprehension of the importance of individual style drives her craftsmanship and ensures her jewellery is customisable to each individual client. Cassandra designs for the individual and happily tailors jewels to her clients’ needs.

An alchemist of tradition

Cassandra is a firm believer that jewellery should be enjoyed by its owner. She regularly works with clients to re-imagine or re-vitalise their family heirlooms to transform them into jewellery that can be enjoyed in the modern age. Cassandra believes that a family’s history can be stored within a jewel and each generation’s iteration is simply another chapter in its long history.