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Taj Mahal

A truly transformative work of art, the Taj Mahal can be worn as a pendant or brooch and features a removable central stone.

The Inspiration

The Taj Mahal pendant takes inspiration from the famed Taj Mahal in India. After visiting the Mausoleum during her Indian collection, Cassandra remained captivated by swirling ceiling decorations she had seen there. 

The Design

The Taj Mahal pendant features several layers of transformability and is designed to allow the central stone to be interchangeable. The central stone can also be removed entirely for a more distinctive silhouette. Cassandra designed the Taj Mahal to be worn in a variety of different ways, including as a pendant or brooch. The Taj Mahal pendant can also be worn within a pearl choker or a tiara setting.  

The spokes of the pendant are finished with a polished bead of white gold. This finishing technique prevents the pendant from catching on delicate fabrics.

The Craftsmanship

To strengthen this delicate spokes of Taj Mahal design, Cassandra designed a custom back plate which replicates its distinctive silhouette. Cassandra has designed the backplate to be worn either in symmetry with the direction of the pendant’s spokes or in opposition. When worn in opposition, the backplate creates an enchanting effect which appears like the pendant’s shadow. 

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