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Firework Masterpiece

Three years in the making, the Firework Masterpiece is fusion of historical jewellery-making techniques and modern design.  

The inspiration

The Firework Masterpiece took inspiration from Cassandra’s captivation with the beauty of fireworks. Through this design Cassandra wanted to recreate the ephemeral delicacy and colour of fireworks as they light up the evening sky. After sketching her initial design Cassandra worked closely with her workshop apprentice to create this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The design

To capture the movement inherent to fireworks, Cassandra crafted the Firework pendant ‘en tremblant’. A French term translating as ‘to tremble’, en tremblant was first used to describe 18th and 19th century jewellery where diamonds were attached to the main structure of a pendant via delicate metal wires which caused the diamonds to tremble or move when worn. The upper row of diamonds within the Firework pendant have been set in this traditional technique and gently tremble, creating a beautiful twinkling effect while worn.

The craftsmanship

Cassandra tasked her workshop apprentice with demonstrating her grasp over traditional and modern jewellery craftsmanship. The necklace is composed of two bracelets which can be linked together and Cassandra asked her apprentice to create one of the bracelets using only modern techniques and the other using only traditional jewellery making techniques. The resulting symmetry between the two bracelets is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship Cassandra nurtures within her workshop.

Not only is the front of the Firework masterpiece exceptional but the beauty of its craftsmanship can be seen from the underneath. The necklace pearls are set into18 carat gold ‘cups’ which have each been pierced to create an elegant pattern. The Firework Masterpiece is a demonstration of Cassandra’s attention to detail and her love of creating beautiful jewels which can amaze even from below.

A transformative design

The Firework Masterpiece is a truly transformative design. The necklace section of the design is comprised of two bracelet sections and a third section which ensures the necklace is of the perfect length when worn. The necklace pendant can also be worn either on a necklace chain or as a brooch. 

For further information on this creation please contact our boutique team.