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Bespoke Services

Hand Engraving

With Cassandra's love of calligraphy, we are passionate about the art of hand-engraving. Anything you can imagine, our experts can engrave in our London workshop.

Our engravers are experts in the art of hand-engraving. This means that our bespoke engravings are a unique and lasting treasure. Our engravers can sketch a special date, a drawing or even a few special words in your very own handwriting.

Available Services

Hand Engraved

Fingerprint Pendants

Hand Engraved

Wedding Bands

Hand Engraved

Crest Pendant

Hand Engraved

Silhouette Cufflinks

Hand Engraved

Secret Messages

Hand Engraved

Signet Ring

Engraving Services

Signet Ring and Crest Creation

Crest creation

We are privileged to work alongside the College of Arms. The heralds maintain the ancient English tradition of manuscript writing and illumination and can work with you to create your Coat of Arms over the course of a year. After this, we can transform this bespoke design into a family heirloom, in the form of an engraved signet ring, a pendant or a pair of cufflinks.

Die sunk by hand

At Cassandra Goad all our signet rings are die sunk. Die sinking is a deeply cut hand-engraved technique which produces a highly detailed and durable crest. Die sinking requires a high level of skill and is incredibly labour intensive. For this reason, our signet rings can take up to two to three weeks to be engraved.

To book a consultation, or discuss a bespoke project, please contact us at or call us on 020 7730 2202.