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Bespoke Creations

Transform your idea into a unique piece of jewellery, designed by Cassandra

"It is a joy to see jewels once cherished by a loved-one rejuvenated and worn once more. Bespoke work offers this chance to breathe new life into jewels, as they pass down from generation to generation."

Our Bespoke Design Process

Jewellery will always be something exceptionally personal, not least because it sits so closely to our skin and to our hearts.

That is why bespoke creations are so important to Cassandra and her work. The opportunity to transform precious jewels, often with very special meanings and stories, into incredibly personal pieces is a privilege.

Your journey begins with a design consultation

Whether you have an existing treasured jewel to re-purpose or an idea for jewel that is totally unique, whether you bring us a show-stopping stone to set as a ring or wish Cassandra to re-imagine stones from several pieces of jewellery into a piece for a mother and daughter - we would be delighted to help. We start by understanding your story.

Cassandra dreams up ideas

Cassandra's design expertise makes our bespoke projects entirely unique. She translates your story into sketches and ideas for a jewel.

Our craftsmen make it a reality

Once the design is finalised, the creation of your bespoke jewel begins in our London workshop where our craftsmen work closely with Cassandra over several weeks to bring your design to life.

To book a consultation or discuss a bespoke project, please contact our boutique team.