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Featuring rare green Tsavorite garnets cut en cabochon totalling 150 carats, four rows of delicately connecting garnets create a lattice structure which is mutually bold and fresh in this bracelet design.

The Inspiration

Cassandra frequently sources gemstones due to their beauty and unique qualities, often without a specific design in mind. Recently, Cassandra found herself with sixty-four cabochon cut Tsavorite green garnets which glinted like sweets from her design table. As she began to ponder design possibilities, she became captivated by the beauty of the garnets tumbled together. Rather than using the stones within several different designs, Cassandra decided to craft a bracelet which would display all sixty-four garnets and capture their collective magic.

The Design

To create the Fusion bracelet, Cassandra’s workshop was tasked with creating sixty-four individual settings for each garnet. Cassandra worked tirelessly with her workshop team to perfectly position each garnet to create the beautiful symmetrical asymmetry of the Fusion bracelet.

The Craftsmanship

The Fusion bracelet features a bespoke clasp. Cassandra crafted a custom spring bar clasp which allows the pattern of the bracelet to flow uninterrupted around the wearers wrist.