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Jewellery Guides

Jewellery Care Guide

Enjoy your jewellery for a lifetime

While we recommend professional cleaning for all your Cassandra Goad jewellery, you can maintain the appearance of your jewellery in the short-term at home.

General care suggestions

Avoid contact with water and chemicals

Prolonged contact with water or the chemicals found in cosmetics and perfumes can damage and tarnish your jewellery. If you would like to wear your jewels with perfume, we recommend waiting for your perfume to dry down before putting on any jewellery.

Be mindful

While Cassandra Goad jewellery is made with modern life in mind, we recommend being mindful of the activities you wear your jewellery for. We always suggest that all jewellery is removed before any housework, showering, swimming, sleeping or an intense workout.

Storage and routine checks

When not in use, store your jewellery in its Cassandra Goad pouch and away from direct sunlight. We always suggest our clients to routinely check for any damage to their jewels and promptly alerting our boutique team to any issues.

Appropriate styling

When wearing Cassandra Goad pendants, we ask our clients to be mindful of their choice of chain. We recommend that only small saint pendants and small crosses are worn on our delicate Finetrace and Catena Fine chains to prevent damage to your chains.

At home care

If you would like to give your jewel a light clean, we recommend using a soft toothbrush with a mild soap and water solution to gently remove any surface impurities. Silver cleaning cloths are also great for removing any tarnishing to your silver. 

Professional care

If you would like to refresh the appearance of your jewels, we offer a range of cleaning services. Please contact our boutique team or visit us instore to organise a professional jewellery clean.

Know your stone

Each gemstone has different properties and must be cared for in specific ways. Harder stones such as diamonds and sapphires are less likely to be scratched and are suitable for daily wear. Stones such as pearls and turquoise are fragile and will be less suited to frequent wear. Please ask our boutique staff for specific care guidelines on individual gemstones.

Delicate stone care

Many delicate stones are often sensitive to chemicals or variable temperatures. We recommend removing all gemstone jewellery before housework, showering, swimming, sleeping and any intensive workouts. For your delicate gemstones we also recommend preventing exposure to any cosmetics, skincare, or perfume. Some gemstones can also discolour when over-exposed to light. We advise storing all your gemstone jewellery in a cool, dry location in a Cassandra Goad pouch out of direct sunlight.

Pearl care

Pearls are as sensitive as they are classic. Please be mindful of exposing your pearl jewellery to any chemicals or drastic temperature changes. Pearls should never be exposed to perfume or any heavily scented moisturiser as this will wear away their outer surface. Spray your perfume and allow it to dry before wearing your pearl jewels. Pearls do not enjoy contact with water so please remove before showering and swimming. We recommend regular re-stringing of your pearls to retain their lustre and to ensure the integrity of your necklace.

Enamel care

Gentle wear and handling are advised as enamel can be susceptible to chipping or cracking on impact. Please limit exposure to moisture, chemicals and cosmetics and remove all enamel jewellery before housework, showering, swimming, and intensive workout sessions. We advise storing all your enamel jewellery in a cool, dry location in a Cassandra Goad pouch to maintain its finish.

How to care for your opals

Opals are particularly delicate stones and must be handled with care. Opals are exceptionally porous gemstones and can shatter if they become too dry. Cassandra recommends storing your opal jewellery in a cool, dark place with a small container of water to prevent your opals from drying out.

How to care for precious metals

The precious metals Cassandra crafts her jewellery from are generally quite robust materials, but we do still encourage mindful wear. We never recommend wearing any jewellery in the shower or when swimming as this can lead to tarnishing. Sleeping in any of your jewellery is not advised due to the ease in which your jewellery can be damaged while asleep.

Gold jewellery care

At Cassandra Goad, we craft our yellow gold jewellery from either 9ct or 18ct gold. 18ct gold has a larger proportion of pure gold in comparison to 9ct gold and so is a much softer metal. We recommend our clients to wear their 18ct yellow gold jewellery with care due to the ease with which the metal can be stretched or dented.

Silver jewellery care

Silver is notorious for the ease with which is tarnishes. Cassandra recommends storing your silver jewellery in sealed plastic bags to prevent tarnishing while not in use.

White gold care

The brilliant white colouring synonymous with white gold can become dulled over time. At Cassandra Goad, our white gold jewellery is plated in Rhodium, a bright white but expensive metal which may need replacing over time.

Care recommendations for cuffs

Our cuffs are an innovative take on a traditional bracelet. If you find the standard opening on your new cuff is either too large or too small please refrain from widening or tightening the gap yourself. If you would like the size of the opening adjusted, please contact the boutique and we can organise to have your cuff professionally resized to prevent damage to the integrity of the jewel.