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Bespoke Services

Signet Rings

Signet rings are more than just beautiful rings. Originally they played an important part in the medieval world and society and were originally intended to be used as stamps, to seal documents, immediately identifying the sender by their crest. Because of this, the design on the ring had to be made in the mirror image of the original crest so that the finished impression on the wax seal would correctly resemble the family sign.

Modern signet rings are predominantly decorative - a family heirloom rather than a means of identification. Some people use a family crest, whilst others use initials or another design.

Crest creation

We are privileged to work alongside the College of Arms. The heralds maintain the ancient English tradition of manuscript writing and illumination and can work with you to create your Coat of Arms over the course of a year. After this, we can transform this bespoke design into a family heirloom, in the form of an engraved signet ring, a pendant or a pair of cufflinks.

Die sunk by hand

At Cassandra Goad all our signet rings are die sunk. Die sinking is a deeply cut hand-engraved technique which produces a highly detailed and durable crest. Die sinking requires a high level of skill and is incredibly labour intensive. For this reason, our signet rings can take up to two to three weeks to be engraved.

How to commission your signet ring

  1. Decide on signet ring shape you would like.
  2. Pick from our three sizes: small, medium or large.
  3. Choose from either 9ct or 18ct gold and pick which colour gold you would like.
  4. Your crest can be engraved into gold or into a precious stone such as bloodstone.
  5. Finalise the design of your crest. We can either commission a crest creation for you or utilise your family crest.
  6. We offer the possibility to add a hand engraved message to the inside of your ring if desired.

Creation timescales

If you would like us to make your signet ring from scratch please allow at least six to eight weeks for your ring to be completed. 

If you already have a signet ring and simply would like us to die sink your crest onto it please allow approximately three to four weeks for your ring to be finished.