Bespoke Service

Cassandra's years of experience creating beautiful jewellery means that there is almost no jewel or technique with which she is not familiar.

If you hold a desire for a unique piece of jewellery, be it in simple ring or a diamond encrusted jewel like the pendant opposite, Cassandra would be excited and delighted to interpret your wildest (or your mildest) dreams.

Raw Materials

At Cassandra Goad we offer a unique Bespoke journey, and unlike anywhere else it is truely bespoke for you.

As a gemmologist the chemical composition and properties of gemstones have always fascinated Cassandra. Ever in search of the unusual and rare, she travels the world to source beautiful gemstones, either in the rough or cut form. The ideal marriage of gemstone and metal needs to be carefully considered.

Design & Ideas

With the raw materials considered, the design process begins to take shape.

Discussions of designs may start from an existing treasured jewel or from family memories or travels. Together, with Cassandra, rough sketches are made of various ideas. In the workshop, the craftsmen carefully study the design that they will later create as the mount for the jewel. This can then form the basis of your estimate.

The Craftmanship

Once the design has been agreed, work on the mount can begin.

The craftsman works as an artist recreating the design in metal, his interpretation is vital to the overall feel of the jewel. The setter may want to pre-set the stones and open out the setting before they are pre-polished. With the jewel mounted, polished and set, you can have a personal hand engraving to finish the jewellery.

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But by her true magic you will know her best – her ‘transformations’ – when she takes those old, unworn family heirlooms, brought into her shop in their dusty boxes, and breathes life back into them. Family jewellery has a heart and a history; it should never be left to lie fallow. As Cassandra’s philosophy goes, jewellery deserves to be worn and admired.

Real Stories


With the jewel mounted, polished and set, the hand engraving is often the final stage.

We seal-engrave signet rings, hand engrave crests on pendants, dates & initials inside wedding rings and create facsimile engravings on cufflinks (especially those sketched by children). Together with our silhouette artist we create silhouettes of children and grandchildren. Every piece is assayed at the London Assay Office.