Your Bespoke Journey

Jewellery is unique in its ability to pass safely through generations, carrying the love and affection onwards. You may have a brooch inherited from a grandmother, or a ring that you do not reach for. In each case, Cassandra will be thrilled to discuss breathing new life into the gems.

Transforming jewels you no longer wear

The resetting of an inherited jewel enables stones to be carried forward to the next generation, retaining the spirit of their original owner. We delight in talking through the original history of a piece with you and finding a suitable design to re-launch the stones for their new life.

Grandma's lucky clover brooch was transformed into a ring that could be worn everyday, keeping the sentiment of the stones.

Your imagination is the only constraint

Whether you bring us a show-stopping stone to set as a ring, or wish Cassandra to re-imagine stones from several pieces of jewellery into a piece for a mother and daughter, we would be delighted to help.

Our Bespoke Design Process

1. Your journey begins with a design consultation

Whether you have an existing treasured jewel to re-purpose, or an idea for jewel that is totally unique, we start by understanding your story.

2. Cassandra dreams up ideas

Cassandra's design expertise makes our bespoke projects entirely unique. She translates your story into sketches and ideas for a jewel.

3. Our craftsmen make it a reality

Once the design is finalised, the creation of your bespoke jewel begins in our workshop, where our craftsmen work closely with Cassandra over several weeks to bring your design to life.

To book a consultation, or discuss a bespoke project, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 020 7730 2202.