Bespoke Stories

Our Bespoke Creations

A selection of bespoke creations. From jewels to original designs, to transformations born from inherited brooches, unworn rings and forgotten jewels. Created in our London workshops, our jewels showcase Cassandra's exceptional design ethos whilst honoring our customers' personal stories.

Refreshed Pear Shaped Aquamarine Ring

A tired engagement ring of three blue aquamarines was re-imagined by Cassandra within the design of her Aeneus ring, working with the unusual peardrop shape of the outer stones in homage to the original ring.

Bespoke Sapphire And Diamond Ring

A client came to us with this brooch and initially thought she would like a necklace, but with Cassandra's help, she decided she would get the most enjoyment out of a bespoke ring set with her mother's diamonds and sapphires.

A Tale Of Two Rings

Two worn, scratched rings filled with fond memories, redesigned as a sapphire Aeneus ring, set in white gold

Diamonds Hidden In A Drawer

A special half eternity ring, half forgotten in the back of an old drawer, given new life as Cassandra's Aeneus Classic ring with a twist.

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Jardinière Brooch To Dazzling Ring

A unique Jardiniere brooch, no longer in the style of its owner was re-resigned as a showstopping Katterina ring with a central polished sapphire, surrounded by cut diamonds.

Diamond and Pearl Bumble Bee

A gold Bumble Bee brooch with a diamond head and pave set diamond wings, was gifted to a 'busy bee'.

An Anniversary Surprise

As a gift for their 20th wedding anniversary, a husband wanted to surprise his wife with a redesign of a much loved wedding present. Her diamond line bracelet, now almost worn out, was in need of a new lease of life. Secretly, in conversation with Cassandra, they created a bold gold cuff sprinkled with diamonds from the original bracelet. And he placed it in a china (20th anniversary) bowl by her bedside the night before their anniversary.

Cassandra Go Brooch

Cassandra created this brooch to celebrate Cassandra Go's win in the King's Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot in 2001. Cassandra Go, trained by the legendary Geoff Wragg, ridden by Michael Roberts (crafted as the jockey in the brooch) and owned by Trevor Stewart was a beautiful charcoal grey mare that was in foal when she won the race.

Cassandra remembers speaking to the stable lad before the race giving her a good tip: 'Go on, place a bet. You should always back a filly in foal against the geldings'. Cassandra Go was in foal when she won and went on to breed many successful winners for Trevor Stewart.

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Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Mesmerising and remarkably contemporary, this bespoke engagement ring is a virtuoso of colour and composition, guided by a client's desire for a pear shaped diamond ring, surrounded by sapphires and emeralds.

Cassandra's ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Moment

At the back of a drawer lay a diamond brooch gathering dust, that looked tired and dull. Almost en route to taking it to Oxfam, they decided to take it to Cassandra first, just to be sure...

Carefully with her loupe, Cassandra looked it over and realised that infact the stones were diamonds - albeit very dirty. She suggested it only needed minor updates. It was given a thorough clean and repolish, the pearl was changed for a pale aquamarine and it was converted to a pendant on a diamond set chain.

A Baguette Love Story

A gentleman came into our showroom a few years ago looking for something very specific and unusual...

He wanted a gold baguette that opened to reveal Île de Ré, in memory of where he had met his wife 25 years earlier. He literally bumped into her in a supermarket, carrying a baguette. The rest, as they say is history!

The Honorary Earrings

A striking pair of earrings fit for a special occasion to honour the moment of receiving her OBE, these jewels were commissioned by her family and made with complimentary colours with flair and artistry to match the award being presented to her.

Star Sapphire

Setting off the enthralling beauty of a star sapphire brought back from their travels, this double cluster design was the perfect foundation for creating a striking signature ring.

A Tale of a Serpent Ring

Bringing memories to life is an incredible part of bespoke work, so it was an honour to re-fashion this serpent ring, made from a client's memory and sketch of her beloved grandmother's ring, once lost but now never forgotten.

Invigorating an Antique Ring with a Modern Sensibility

Striking an accord between timeless diamonds taken from an antique ring set also with a ruby, this bespoke creation repurposed two broken rings into a modernised and revitalised ring.

A Grandson’s Silver Coin Cufflinks

A client came to me with these old coins that might have stayed in the back of the drawer even longer. They are now the perfect adornment for a lucky grandson's cufflinks imbued with all the history that his grandmother told him about and that he delights to tell when he wears them.

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