Cavolfiore earstuds are a delectable cluster of pearls set with small diamonds that glisten like the dew and set in 18ct yellow gold.

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Cavolfiore Pearl Diamond Studs

My Cavolfiore design is inspired by my journey to Sicily where the markets are full of the most beautifully ripe vegetables and fruit that overflows copiously out of their baskets. Great white blossoming cauli-flowers sat like brides of the garden amongst the oranges and lemons with all their simplicity and elegance.

As I sketched later that afternoon in the sunny courtyard, the white florets became a cluster of white pearls on golden stems with diamonds - set just where dew might have fallen earlier that morning.

Cavolfiore Black Onyx Diamond Studs

Etna has made Sicily the land it is; its mineral explosions have created a land so fertile almost anything will grow, and in lush quantities too.