The Tagliatelle family is inspired by bundles of swirling pasta.

"I have always found the freshly made soft nests of whirling ribbons of pasta - yellow like the sun, dusty with flour and lying in an Italian delicatessen - simply irresistible. So, one day, I made them golden in the workshop. I laid out rows of thin pastry ribbons of gold, some twirled and others twisted on the bench, and wove them into a nest."

Unlike fresh pasta, the Tagliatelle ring needs no sauce, and it lasts forever…

Tagliatelle Diamond Ring

Tagliatelle ring in 18ct white gold set with 7 bands of diamonds

An Unlikely Origin Story

According to the legend, tagliatelle pasta was invented in 1487, when bride-to-be Lucrezia Borgia was visiting Bologna on her way to marry the Duke of Ferrara. The unforgettable banquet in her honour included a special dish made by cutting long strips of pasta inspired by the bride's legendary blonde hair. The beautiful shape of tagliatelle nests became my ring, inspired by the pasta with such romantic origins.