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Whether you are looking to buy your first pair of studs or want to expand your collection, I invite you discover a world of possibility...


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Zellije Halos and Studs

Inspired by the whirling, geometric stars on tiles that adorn the walls of palaces throughout Morocco.

These diamond Zellije halos catch the light beautifully as if they are dancing.

Mashrabiya Trellis Halos and Studs

Inspired by the tiny squares and woven lattice used to shade women from the hot Moroccan sun and prying eyes. Cassandra reimagined them as golden squares to be added to colourful studs.

Basket Halos

The Basket halos spiral like the woven baskets of the Medina. Their bright central studs are reminiscent of the treasures found within them.

I paint all my designs with watercolours by hand. I use grey paper so that the designs can be seen better. This part of the process helps me to visualise the intricacies of each piece. These are my Zellije halos which sparkle like shards of light.