Saqqara Iolite Yellow Gold Cufflinks
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Saqqara double ended 9ct yellow gold cufflinks with cabochon blue iolite. From the Journey to Egypt.

The top of each cufflink measures approximately 12x12mm.

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Unlike the great pyramids of the Maya in Mexico the pyramid at Saqqara is stepped and square. Its unusual shape amused me when I saw it. Later in the workshop I recreated the pyramid in gold. I then found some beautifully facetted small pyramids in iolite with my stone cutter. I wanted the cufflinks to have an almost 18th century feel of understated elegance about them so I made them double ended as well.


Vitreous iolite stones appear in deep blue shades, enrapturing admirers with their strong pleochroism, an optical phenomenon that makes the gemstone appear to have different colours when observed from different angles. With these strong polarising effects at varying angles, it's said vikings harnessed the stones' powers to determine the position of the sun on overcast days.

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