Annie Gold Locket with Diamond Loop For Four Photographs
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Annie locket in gold with diamond loop, very unusually, four folding compartments for photographs is inspired on an old locket given by Cassandra's grandfather to his wife, Annie, before leaving on his travels and shown in the photos below. Cassandra's father gave her the original locket when she set off on her journey to China, filling it for her with the photos of her children and husband. While away Cassandra wore the gold locket every day and decided on her return to recreate the locket with its extraordinary engineering for others to enjoy.

Lockets may be engraved with initials, date or a short message on the outside (as shown on the silver version here) and /or on the inside of the locket to make a wonderful personalised gift

The pendant, including loop, measures approximately 29x25mm.

All Cassandra Goad pendants are sold without chains so that you may select the chain of your choice, both in style and length. If you would like to add a chain have a look at our selection here.

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Annie Locket

The Annie locket is a shrewd piece of engineering in miniature and it was the locket of my great grandmother, Annie Goad, that inspired me to make a locket.


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