A Royal Romance - King Henry II & Diane de Poitiers

The love story between King Henry II of France and Diane de Poitiers is a captivating story of a royal romance that transcended social norms and endured for decades.

Henry II ascended to the throne in 1547 and met Diane de Poitiers, a woman renowned for her beauty, intelligence, and charm, when he was around 15 years old. Diane, significantly older than Henry, became his mentor and confidante, guiding him through the complexities of court life. Their relationship soon evolved into a passionate and enduring love affair. Despite Henry's marriage to Catherine de Medicis, which was more of a political alliance than a love match, his heart belonged to Diane.

She became his trusted advisor and exerted considerable influence over him, both politically and personally. Diane's impact was visible in Henry's decisions and policies. He bestowed upon her significant properties and titles, making her the Duchess of Valentinois and giving her the Ch√Ęteau of Chenonceau. Diane's emblem, a crescent moon, became synonymous with her influence at court.

Their love endured until Henry's tragic death in a jousting tournament in 1559. Despite their age difference and the societal norms of the time, their relationship was remarkably enduring and profound. What makes their story fascinating is not just the romantic aspect but also the influence Diane held over the king, shaping aspects of his reign. Theirs was a love that defied conventions, leaving an indelible mark on French history and romantic lore.

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