The Aeneus Edit

An edit of Cassandra's Italian inspired Aeneus rings, each bold, daring and entirely unique.

The Emerald and Diamond Aeneus

"My Aeneus ring design celebrates beautiful stones and their wonderful colours. I find the stones on my travels so each ring is unique because each stone is unique."

Star Sapphire Aeneus

Star sapphires exhibit a special optical phenomenon called asterism. Tiny needles of silk within the sapphire crystal reflect light to form an inner 'star'.

Multi Aeneus

Cassandra's Multi Aeneus rings celebrate colour and individuality. The stones are set in ovals, rectangles and pear-drops. Each is set at a particular angle and is intersperesed with diamonds across a bold golden frame.

Every ring is unique because the stones I set are unique. Individually cut by coloured gemstone experts in Germany to make each and every stone maximise its sparkle. No two rings are ever the same.


The Classic Aeneus

Each classic aeneus holds five individually set stones, all framed within two golden bands.

Bespoke Projects

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