Bespoke jewels as seen in Country Life

Truly one of kind - a bespoke piece of jewellery is just that!

When Arabella Youens spoke to Cassandra and other designers about British craftsmanship and its recent revival, Cassandra said she has "often heard it said that the ultimate jewel is one that is designed by an Italian, styled by a Frenchman and crafted by an Englishman".

Designing bespoke pieces of jewellery has always been an exciting part of Cassandra's business, from redesigning a client's brooch that hasn't been worn in the last 10 years to engraving your child's fingerprint onto a gold disc.

Why not transform your diamond brooch that has been sitting in your safe into a beautiful Isla necklace. Cassandra and our workshops around London will make your jewellery dreams come true.

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