As seen on Proofed - Bee's, Brooches and Books

Cassandra's Melissae design has been featured in an article by Proofed, in which her cousin Richard Barber talks about his amazing new book.

The book called 'Magnificence' takes a look back at the princely splendour of the middle ages. This was done through many outlets, but one in particular was through their jewels they either wore themselves, gifted or displayed around their palaces.

Last year, with the book nearing completion, Richard Barber asked Cassandra to make him a brooch inspired on the Founder's Jewel given by William of Wykeham to New College Oxford, with gold, pearls and coloured enamels, finishing it just in time for launch. It brought back some of the magnificence and splendour that Medieval jewellery held, especially considering it is very hard to find many personal pieces of jewellery which have survived from that period.

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In the article, Richard remembers recommending the book by Vincent Cronin, called The Golden Honeycomb, for Cassandra's travels to Sicily. It tells the story of Daedalus who created the first man-made honeycombe and in turn inspired Cassandra's Mellisae di Erice design.

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