Cassandra's Favourite Pâtissiers in Paris

Over the years that I've spent visiting Paris, I increasingly gravitate to a few places which do Patisserie like no others. Your next trip to Paris would not be complete without a visit to these Patisseries.


The oldest Pâtissier in Paris and loved by Queen Elizabeth II, Stohrer is as rich in history as it is in flavour. Each visit to their original store transports me to a different era and I savour their delicious treats in style with the opulent surroundings.

Pierre Hermé

Known throughout France for their iconic Galettes des Rois which they sell in January each year, Pierre Hermé is a true artisan. I am particularly fond of their macaron’s and always bring a box back to London with me!


Although more famous for its bread, producing around 3% of all that sold in Paris daily, I love Poilâne for its wonderful pastry. With five stores around Paris, you’re never far from one of their warming apple turnovers or a pain au chocolat fresh from the oven.

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