Christmas Markets in Europe

To embrace the Christmas spirit this holiday season discover these wonderful markets in France and throughout Europe. Indulge in Gluhwein (Mulled Wine) in Germany or find presents in Prague. These recommendations are from Cassandra Goad's friends around the world.

Dresden - Germany

Dating back to 1434, this market in Dresden is considered the oldest in the world. Visit it for over 200 stalls filled with Christmas charm and a Ferris wheel to view the lights from the night sky.

Nuremberg - Germany

A top pick for those with little Children, the markets are Nuremberg are also amongst the oldest and most famous in the world. This market has special activities for children as well as plenty of mulled wine for their parents...

Prague - Czech Republic

Swap mulled wine for wonderful grog (rum, water, lemon & sugar) in Prague. These fantastic markets in the Czech Republic's capital are perfect for the culinary inclined with amazing sausages, cheesy flatbreads and the warming scent of cinnamon in each square.

Gothenburg - Sweden

For the ultimate chic experience, visit this Christmas market in Sweden. Snack on smoked Reindeer and enjoy the ice show in between visits to the beautiful stalls. The mulled wine served in the Cassandra Goad showroom on Sloane Street over the festive period is Swedish, and you can be sure to find some very similar here.

Strasbourg - France

Strasbourg's market attracts more than three million visitors each year, having been founded in 1570. The city now boasts offering for all, with the OFF market for the environmentally conscious and a Quai des Délices, full of gourmet treats.

Colmar - France

South of Strasbourg is Colmar, a small city famed for its wonderful Germanic architecture. See these building lit up around the markets in many of the squares and discover artisanal treats from the Alsace region giving you a deeper insight into French culture and heritage.

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