French Games at Christmas

In France, the holiday season brings about a wonderful mix of traditions and festivities. Among these customs, games hold a special place, creating moments of joy and friendly competition during Christmas gatherings. Here are five games that are embraced as part of French Christmas celebrations, adding an extra layer of fun to the seasonal cheer.

Qui Suis-Je

"Qui suis-je?" or "Who am I?" is an engaging game enjoyed during the holiday season in France. Participants wear labels bearing the names of famous people, characters, or objects related to Christmas on their foreheads. Through a series of yes/no questions, each player tries to guess their label's identity..

Le Mille Bornes

"Le Mille Bornes," translating to "A Thousand Miles" in English, is a French card game of skill and strategy. Players race to reach a thousand kilometers while thwarting opponents with hazards, such as flat tires or speed limits, and collecting distance cards to progress. This fast-paced game keeps players on their toes, adding an exhilarating touch to holiday gatherings.


Monopoly, a timeless classic, transcends cultures and borders. In France, as elsewhere, this game of strategy and chance revolves around buying, trading, and developing properties to amass wealth. With its iconic board featuring Parisian streets and avenues, Monopoly in France offers a unique twist, allowing players to immerse themselves in the charm of the city as they navigate the board and vie for dominance in the property market.

Les 7 Familles

"Les 7 Familles," or "The 7 Families," is a classic French card game perfect for family gatherings. Players collect sets of cards depicting different family members, aiming to complete full families through strategic card exchanges.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit, a beloved game worldwide, finds its place among the festivities in France during Christmas. This quiz game challenges players' knowledge across various categories, testing their recall of facts and trivia. In France, editions often feature questions tailored to French history, culture, and pop culture references, adding a touch of familiarity and excitement. Players move around the board, answering questions to earn wedges for their pie-shaped playing pieces, striving to complete their pie and emerge as the ultimate trivia champion amidst the holiday cheer.

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