How to measure your ring size

We are here to help you find the perfect size ring for yourself or a loved one, whether you can visit our store in person or would like to buy a ring online. Either way, we will work with you to ensure that your ring has the most comfortable and secure fit. We have a trusted ring sizing guide and ring measurer that you can print at home, but Cassandra also has her own personal tips to make sure that the ring is exactly the right size for you. With expertise spanning 40 years of designing jewellery, Cassandra has rarely not been able to size a ring!

In Store

If you are buying yourself a ring, put careful thought into the finger that you would like to wear your ring on. There are no rules, so before choosing your size of ring try out your new ring on various fingers.

Rings vary in shapes and widths so will all feel different. I would encourage anyone to come into the boutique and try them on. Middle fingers will offer more protection for rings with fragile larger stones, consider thumb or pinky finger rings for more durable designs.

Measuring your ring finger at home

The easiest method to measure the size of your finger is by printing out our paper ring measurer below.

If you would prefer to use a piece of string or ribbon, loop a length around the base of your finger snugly, checking it still slides across your knuckle, and mark the string with a pen where the ends come together. Measure the length of string against a ruler in millimetres, taking a photograph to remove any doubt, and we will be able to deduce your ring size from this.

Take extra care, whether you use our printed ring measurer or a piece of string, by measuring your finger at different times of day and on multiple days, as your finger size will vary slightly in different temperatures.

Buying a ring for a gift or engagement

When discretion is required, finding out a ring size for a loved one becomes a challenging task! I have heard many an entertaining story involving bottle tops and even garden hose-pipes that have been the exact size of a fiancé-to-be's finger.

My general rule of thumb is that the safest way of ensuring the ring will fit your loved one's finger is by secretly borrowing one of their rings. Even if you can only borrow the ring for a quick 5 minutes!

You can measure this ring against the printed ring measurer, wrapping it around the ring as if you were wearing it. Alternatively, if their ring fits one of your own fingers, you can take a photo of the ring on your finger from the front and back, which you can measure or we will measure for you at the boutique. Otherwise, you are welcome to borrow a ring stick from our boutique. Once home, secretly, drop a ring they like wearing onto the stick and take a photograph front and back or put tape just below the part that it rests at. Bring the stick back to us at the boutique and we'll be able to measure it for you.

There really are many ways of discreetly finding out a ring size, but if these still seem daunting, please give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a ring that is unlikely to be the right size and then ask you to size it?

Yes! We will often have several sizes of our gold and silver rings in the boutique so can offer an exchange for the ring you have been gifted for the right size provided the ring has not been worn. Otherwise through our bespoke design work we can resize almost all of our rings.

Can you size a ring that is not Cassandra Goad?

Yes! We have been happy to help clients resize inherited pieces in our bespoke workshop. From a treasured grandfather's signet ring to a ring gifted to a new mother that she wanted to regift to her daughter on her 21st birthday.

How often can you resize a ring?

Rings can always be resized for the most part, but it is generally not a good idea to keep sizing a gemstone ring up and down as there is a danger the stones will chip and the settings will become loose.

Are some rings easier to resize than others?

Yellow gold is generally the easiest metal to size, while white gold and platinum both need to be rhodium plated after resizing. This process requires the ring to be carefully polished first so that the surface is completely clean before plating, which is more costly.

Can I still wear my new ring while I'm waiting to resize it?

I would recommend wearing a small ring as a "keeper" ring on the outside to stop your new ring from falling off. Alternatively, wrap a little piece of plaster around the back of the shank of the ring so you can wear your new ring until you can get it sized.

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