The Château de Chenonceau

Delve into the breathtaking surroundings of the best known château in the Loire Valley.

History of the Château

The Château de Chenonceau in its current form was built between 1513 and 1517, by Thomas Bohier and principally his wife, Catherine Briçonnet. The history of this marvellous château is established by the succession of women who built, embellished and saved it. Since the 13th century, only the Tour des Marques, the dungeon, remains. Chenonceau is most prominent for its arches over the Cher River.

Also known as the 'Château de Dames', over the years women have protected the château and made it a calm and peaceful sanctuary.

Floral Surroundings

Being one of the most majestic of the Loire châteaux, it is unsurprising that the memory of exquisite gardens and the romantic château over Cher River are at odds with the flower displays. The feminine touch is most noticeable in the beautiful grounds and the floral masterpieces that grace the rooms. Jean-François Boucher is the flower master of Chenonceau, creating a remarkable number of nearly 200 breathtaking bouquets per week.

The Flower Workshop

The flower workshop present at the Château de Chenonceau is unique because it allows each room within the château to be expressed through the art of flowers and arranging. Being a landmark of France's cultural heritage, the flowers showcase the sophistication of transforming natural materials into unexpected creations. Boucher holds the title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (Best Artisan in France) which describes the exquisite artistry created each day.

Gardens of the Château

The gardens of Catherine de Medicis and Diane of Poitiers highlight the elegance of the unique landscape between sky and water. The spirit of Chenonceau encompasses the scenery creating aristocratic serenity from the historical culture of the château and its architectural sensation.

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