The moment has come to take the plunge… and delve into your jewellery box!

Are there some jewels in a drawer that you don't wear and haven't worn for a while? Have you often thought the old brooch or grandma's ring could be the pair of earrings you long for? Are you tempted to transform them, recycle them? Maybe this weekend is the moment to get them out, put them on, take a photo and send it to me with your wish list of jewels or ideas you would so love to have.

I love beautiful old jewels and all the memories they bring with them, and I know so well that feeling of not wanting to change them, preserving the magic every time I open the box. And then there is a moment when it is time, time to create new memories for those jewels, you could wear them for work, on a school run, or for your daughter to wear on her wedding day.

So dust them off, sit back and start dreaming about your jewels this weekend. Send me the photos and your wish list and I will give you some ideas, sketches and estimates from my studio in lockdown. Then you can decide whether they should stay in the box or to take them on a new adventure. Start a project in these weeks of lockdown to look back on. A project that will bring a smile and memories all in one each time you wear them.

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