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Inspired by Cassandra's love for calligraphy...

''I have always been fascinated with calligraphy. On my desk both at home, at work and wherever I travel, I take my ink pen with me adding swirls and flourishes to my favourite letters like F and R and S.

My love of typefaces began with the incredible Sue Shaw at Faber and Faber who taught me at a young age to appreciate serifs and beautiful typefaces. It was Sue who rescued the Monotype press and created the Type Museum (now part of the Science Museum).''

''My first alphabet collection was my Scrabbled letters. They were inspired by a wide collection of letter styles found in old books and on an old box in Paris...''


''Alice letters are all from the typefaces I love the most: Bodoni, Columna, and Palatino. These beautifully simple letters have clean lines, that the craftspeople work into beautiful finished letters in gold or silver.''

Personalised Alice Letters

Our pebble pendants can be hand engraved with a personal message, an initial, a quote of your choice, a crest or even your child's drawing.