Furu Kongle

Meaning Pine Cone in Norwegian, Cassandra's lifelong fascination with these beautiful natural forms takes centre stage with the Furu Kongle pendants.

Nature's Own Jewel

Transport yourself to the heart of the Scandinavian Forest, where the sparkle of diamonds resembles snowflakes on a frosty morning.

Eternally Graceful

Each pendant is meticulously layered and gently moves in the breeze as a result of intricate craftsmanship. Only with this attention to detail is the Furu Kongle able to reflect nature's own delicate beauty.

Luminary Influence

This fascination materialised as a design on a trip to Denmark when Cassandra discovered the Artiskok (Artichoke) Lamp by designer Poul Henningsen. The movement and layering of these exquisite modernist lamps sparked the seed in her mind which flourished with work from her craftsmen upon return home.