Octavia Opal and Tanzanite Interchangeable Earring Drops
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Octavia 18ct white gold diamond earring drops with claw set blue boulder opal cushions (5.15cts), diamonds (0.36cts) and briolette smooth tanzanite (8.54cts) on 18ct white gold diamond Octavia loops. From the Journey to Mexico.

Each earring pendant measures approximately 35mm tall.

*Astrea hoops sold separately.

These earrings are part of Cassandra's interchangeable collection. If you already own jewels from this collection and only wish to buy part of the earring shown, please contact the showroom on 0207 730 2202.

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The delicate pointed Octavia loop of diamonds sits on top of many of my pendants from pearls to delicately carved briolette stones. These interchangeable pendants hang from the plain gold, silver, and pave set diamond Astrea hoops. Have one pair and you will soon want another...


Esteemed as a precious jewel, with origins from the Latin word "opalus", opaque opals are famed for their fascinating polyphony of colour when twisted in the light. Their fire and lustre vary, from extraordinary opals in Coober Pedy Australia, to the soft turquoise blue opals in Peru, to fiery orange in Mexico. The most valuable stones showcase vivid iridescent colours, whilst others have the translucent milky appearance of opalescence. As the birthstone for October, these beguiling stones, as precious as they are playful, symbolise creativity, confidence, hope and faithfulness, and are said to soothe your mind, and strengthen your memory. Softer than other gemstones, they should be worn with care and kept in a moist environment (it is a good idea to keep a glass of water in your safe if you have opals).

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