Taj Mahal Diamond and Blue Zircon Interchangeable Pendant
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Taj Mahal 18ct white gold necklace pendant set with diamonds and an interchangeable blue zircon centrepiece. Inspired by a ceiling at the Taj Mahal, Agra. From the Journey to India.

This pendant measures approximately 54mm x 54mm.

This can be worn as both a pendant and a brooch (please contact the showroom on 020 7730 2202 to explain the fittings to enable this).

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Taj Mahal

Inside the mosque adjacent to the great Taj Mahal there is a ceiling pattern high up in the apex of the roof: A complex, geometrical, radiating pattern created from intersecting arcs.

Geometry was never just an adornment in Mughal style, it was a means of evoking a world beyond earthly experience. The universe was deemed to have a mathematical basis and so, by incorporating this, it gave the works of man a transcendent quality - a true heaven on earth.

I remember being there at Divali (when India is lit by candles and fireworks), each candle twinkling like a diamond. This was the reason why I set my Taj Mahal with a pave of diamonds, in two layers, cementing that love, each in harmony with one another.

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