Inspire the gardener within you...

Chelsea Flower Show has gone digital, so for the first time ever you can spend this week in YOUR garden all day. This year, with the sun shining most of this week, you can dream and scheme the most amazing plantings to keep you smiling all summer - be it for a small London balcony of pots or a rambling country garden.

If you are looking for garden inspiration then turn to Shane Connolly (one of my greatest friends) whose style is gentle on the eye, full of colour when wanted or restraint when needed. And like me, he loves scented flowers so you will find jasmines, lavenders and tumbling roses, their tendrils yearning towards the sunlight. You can follow him daily on instagram as @shaneconnollyandco. Griselda Kerr, another friend who lives from dawn till dusk in her garden has written the charming and very helpful book: The Apprehensive Gardener. She too has a wonderful and inspiring instagram account; earlier this year white camellias were followed by pink tulips, then cardinal red Rubus spectabilis, pink lilies of the valley and the magical handkerchief tree were next.

If you want help on garden design then the help of Sandy Burton's eye should be enlisted. The beds she created in her garden in Hampshire that lead out to the meadows beyond are the most sublime plantings I often dream about. Sandy too has a great instagram account to add to your breakfast time garden musings! You can also look at the the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show for tips and tours from plant experts, renowned designers and more.

And perhaps if you have a birthday or anniversary soon then maybe a flower jewel could be your gift this year. My garden at home is a wonderful source of inspiration for my jewel designs and so too are my travels. Over the years I have created Klovers from Scandinavia, Roses from Egypt and Irises from Japan. Even the humble Cauliflower has caught my eye, its bumbling shape and soft creamy colour enveloped in a cape of huge green leaves. It was in Sicily that I imagined the florets as pearls with diamonds to hint at the morning dew glinting in the sunshine.

So, in this lovely morning light, take out a chair, and make yourself a delicious cup of tea to drink in your garden. The Chelsea Flower Show week of your dreams!

The Klover design, which is inspired by the four leaf clover: the first leaf is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love and the fourth is for luck.

The Rose design; the summer smell of roses and over blown flowers whose petals create delicate carpets in the garden allow me to savour an English garden at its best. I love the curled diamond petal on my earrings and ring.

The Cavolfiore design which was inspired by the young flower stalks of the cauliflower in the Sicilian markets.

The Frida design; inspired by the basket of food (with flowers tied to the handle) that Frida Kahlo would make for Diego Rivera each day for his lunch while painting his murals.

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