How to measure your ring size


We are here to help you find the perfect size ring for yourself or a loved one, whether you can visit our store in person or would like to buy a ring online. Either way, we will work with you to ensure that your ring has the most comfortable and secure fit. We have a trusted ring sizing guide and ring measurer that you can print at home, but Cassandra also has her own personal tips to make sure that the ring is exactly the right size for you. With expertise spanning 40 years of designing jewellery, Cassandra has rarely not been able to size a ring!

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Cassandra's Quote Pendants


Cassandra's quote pendants began when her cousin Matilda Goad asked her to engrave some words from her grandmother that she wanted to keep with her always. Not wanting the words to be easily readable by others, Cassandra created a pendant shaped like a worn and treasured Roman coin with its uneven outline and surface. She then engraved it with the words in a spiral, like the French arrondissements or an 'en colimacon' staircase, often looping the serifs of the letters from one line to the next.

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