Porte Ouvrant

The Porte Ouvrant is inspired by the carved wooden doorways that open into gardens of succulents and scented jasmines tumbling into fountains decorated with mosaics. The swivelling door allows the pendant to be eternally 'opening', rather than 'opened' to honour our new hopes, dreams, and opportunities.

The Design Story

Inspired by Marrakech's most famous and beautiful gate, Bab Agnaou, Cassandra created this design so that the door swivels and turns in its frame. "The beautiful key-hole shape of the Moorish doors always seems to invite one to look in, to enquire and to wonder. In the bustling Medina with my sketch book I imagined doorways with swivelling doors and through them I created new imaginary vistas."

Porte Ouvrant Earring Pendants

Porte Ouvrant Necklace Pendants

Handmade to order

All of our jewels are handmade to order. If you would like us to make something for you in our workshop, please contact [email protected]

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