Gifts for Christening & Confirmation

Find the perfect gift for your loved one's important milestones. This gift edit considers a symbolic pendant for everyone, from traditional religious motifs to the unique Frog Fontaine pendant, representing prosperity and good fortune.

A Traditional Tribute

Celebrate these important milestones with traditional motifs. With Cassandra Goad's unique range of Cross designs, there is something for all denominations, from Protestant to Catholic.

A Celebration of Saints & Angels

Cassandra Goad's hand crafted pendants give them a beautiful keepsake imbuing them with the values of their Saint. Choose a St Christophe to protect them in their journey through life, St Cecelia to celebrate a love of music or St Anne, the patron saint of mothers and daughters.

Symbolic Gifts

Appeal to their heart and spirit with designs that add a personal touch. Zodiacs, birthstones, initials & inspirational quotes all make for meaningful gifts for years to come.

Bespoke Engravings

For a personal gift for a christening or confirmation, engrave a pendant with initials, a special date or some inspiring words. This pendant may be worn as a keepsake on necklace, as a charm on a bracelet or even as a keychain.

For enquirires about bespoke projects and hand engraving, please contact our showroom [email protected]