Christening & Confirmation Gifts

Cassandra's Ideas for Christenings and Confirmations

Christenings and Confirmations are important milestones for godparents, grandparents and close friends to mark with a jewel.

Cassandra's collection of crosses range from the simple Kariye cross, to the intricate and colourful designs of the Madrid cross.

The Madrid Cross Design

"Walking through El Retiro park in Madrid in the mornings, the sun warm on my back, the light filtering gently through my sunglasses and the sound of children's laughter everywhere. I loved to go to a small pastelerĂ­a and eat chocolate palmeras. One day there was a green and white flag hanging out over the street by the pastelerĂ­a with a cruciform pattern on it. When I came back home later that day I added it to my sketch book and then rather forgot about it. Some weeks later, with fresh eyes and clear mind, the little sketch became the pendant that has been given by godparents and grandparents, worn by girlfriends and sisters, and even by brides on their wedding day. Simply adorned with pearls or set with four birthstones in the centre it is always the most lovely of gifts - to give and to receive."

Confirmation & Christening Gift Ideas

Bespoke Engravings

For a personal gift for a christening or confirmation, engrave a pendant with initials, a special date or some inspiring words. This pendant may be worn as a keepsake on necklace, as a charm on a bracelet or even as a keychain.

For enquirires about bespoke projects and hand engraving, please contact our showroom [email protected]