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Place des Vosges

The Place des Vosges ring is the consequence of Cassandra’s love for architecture and vibrant colour and features a rare cut tourmaline surrounded by sapphires and diamonds.

The Inspiration

The Places des Vosges ring takes its inspiration from the 17th century Parisian square of the same name. Cassandra designed the Places des Vosges ring to emulate the geometrical layout of the houses of this royal square with the central mint tourmaline symbolising the central garden of the square.

The Design

The Place des Vosges ring includes gemstones set in three gemstone cuts – the baguette cut, the square cut and long cushion cut. Cassandra incorporated three separate gemstone cuts to echo the faultless structure of the brickwork which is so iconic to French architecture. Each gemstone in the Place des Vosges ring is individually cut to fit seamlessly next to each other.

The Craftsmanship

Mint tourmalines are a rarity, especially in such a large and flawless condition. Cassandra’s gemmological and scientific background allows her to appreciate and comprehend such a unique stone and ensure it is set within a jewel which works with its characteristics. The Place des Vosges ring is a celebration of gemstones and their variety of colours and styles, brought together through brilliant craftsmanship.