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A harmonious sensation of movement, the Rivière design features delicate stone settings which illuminates each gemstone from every angle.

The Inspiration

The Rivière design is Cassandra’s modern re-interpretation of the popular Georgian Rivière necklaces. The traditional Rivière necklaces were crafted to appear as a ‘river’ of colour around the wearers neck.

The Design

The Rivière necklace is crafted using forty-four round facetted pale blue topaz totalling close to 196 carats. Each blue topaz requires a custom-built setting to ensure each stone is perfectly secure. Likewise, the Rivière Poires necklace includes fifty-three faceted blue topaz and requires fifty-three custom settings.

The Craftsmanship

Traditional Rivière necklaces feature four-claw settings to ensure the security of each gemstone. To accentuate the delicacy and flow of the Rivière design, Cassandra decided to set each stone in a three-claw setting. Her three-claw setting also allows each gemstone to be connected to the next without requiring an additional link and so retaining the delicacy of the design.