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Curls of golden strands intertwine and weave together gold and square cut diamonds in the Beatrice bracelet.

The Inspiration

The Beatrice bracelet is inspired by the distinctive silhouette of the letter ‘b’. Cassandra has long been inspired by calligraphy and typesetting and the Beatrice bracelet is a tribute to artistry of typography.

The Design

The Beatrice bracelet is created out of golden wire which is wrapped around itself. The thickness of the golden wire poses significant challenges in weaving together the gold and is only possible due to the high skill level of Cassandra’s craftsmen.

The Craftsmanship

The Beatrice bracelet is finished with a traditionally set clasp. The clasp of the bracelet is individually crafted and took several days to complete. By crafting a unique clasp for this design, Cassandra was able to continue the design over the clasp and ensure the bracelet flowed uninterrupted around the wearer’s arm. The release mechanism of the clasp is neatly hidden under one of the square-cut diamonds which sits in the centre of the woven gold.