Aster Embrace Ruby and White Gold Ring
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18ct white gold Embrace ring set with fine facetted rubies, is the perfect jacket that slots around the Aster Solitaire ring. From Cassandra's Classic Collection.

Embrace ring and Aster Solitaire ring are sold separately. See the Aster Solitaire here. The Embrace jacket can be made in plain gold or set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds or diamonds. And a bespoke jacket can also be made. Please contact our showroom team on 020 7730 2202 for more information.

This ring measures approximately 11mm wide.

Note: If you are unsure about your ring size please click here to download our 'at home' ring sizer. All of our rings can be made to fit every ring size. Should you wish to have this ring resized, please contact us: [email protected]

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Aster Embrace

Have you sometimes wondered if you could have a ring that changed with you? A ring that sometimes has colour, even different colours? Aster embrace does this by fitting around the Aster Solitaire. It can be made in plain gold or set with sapphires, rubies, emeralds or diamonds. From one day to the next your ring can change with you. Wear it as your wedding band or add different versions over time with anniversaries. Have the freedom to wear your ring as you want to... adapting to work days, then adding extra sparkle for evenings out and celebrating.


Sapphire's dazzling lustre ranges from deep velvet translucent depths to colourless transparency, in blue, pink, yellow, green, purple and colourless hues.

Originating in Sri Lanka, Australia and Myanmar, Cassandra often finds unusual colours and cuts on her travels, enraptured by rarer green sapphires in particular. Regarded as a healing corundum gemstone, with calming properties, it's no wonder sapphires appear in such captivating and mystical hues.

The birthstone for September; this protective gemstone is known to have create powers of serenity and purity, with each colour embodying its own unique sense of wisdom.

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