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“Life is like an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts”

Mosaic Astrantia

Cassandra's Astrantia bracelet is set with diamonds and beautiful facetted aquamarines. Echoing both the Moroccan mosaics and the delicate Astrantia design, this elegant bracelet meanders like a path through the medina.

Volo d'Angelo

''Waking early, I went up to Monreale, the beautiful Norman cathedral on the hill above Palmero. As I stepped out onto the piazza, the cathedral stood triumphant. Before the doors opened, I walked up and down past the railings outside that were decorated with a series of circles with winged tips where the circles met. Imagining a flight of angels, my Volo d'Angelo was thought up.''

The Pomegranate Pendant

The pomegranate is one of the most treasured fruits in Morocco and is thought to be medicinal to both the body and the soul. It has even been said to heal a broken heart.

From Sketch to Jewel

Cassandra's large Pomegranate pendant sparkles with pave set diamonds and slides open to reveal a treasure of inlaid cabochon rubies like the inside of the Morrocan fruit of paradise...


"Softly rounded cabochons remind me of pebbles worn smooth by the sea. Marina is my design that caresses these beautiful organic shapes with gold, and links them together letting the light that runs through them light up the stones."