Gifts for a China Wedding Anniversary

For your 20th Wedding Anniversary, forgo Ceramics and give a unique gift with a jewel from Cassandra Goad's China collection. Discover highlights from the collection below including Qin & Han, Temple of Heaven and Star Anise.

Temple of Heaven

The Emperor of China was regarded as the son of Heaven, responsible to the celestial power for success or failure of his government. The Ming Dynasty built the Temple of Heaven in about 1530, and it was the detail of circles and squares that decorate the roof edge of the temple that inspired these earrings.

Star Anise

Star Anise is inspired by a spring garden design. In the beautiful gardens of Suzhou in China, walls cascade with wisteria flowers, and cherry blossoms fall like confetti over the small pools, and through intricate open 'windows' intriguing vistas are framed. It was one of these 'windows' that inspired the Star Anise design....

Qin & Han Earrings

The Terracotta Army was built by the subjects of Qin Shi Huang to protect the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty in the afterlife. When several pairs of Qin & Han earrings are lined up, they evoke images of rows of warriors, paired up similarly. The juxtaposition of colours in each earring creates unique combinations; vivid orange fire opal pairs with a rich, pink tourmaline & a bright yellow citrine is complimented by the beautiful blue of an aquamarine.