Little Anniversary Gifts

Find the perfect gift, for those smaller, but no less important anniversaries. Whether you choose to represent Pottery for your 9th anniversary with jewel from the Basket collection or celebrate your 15th anniversary with a Rose pendant. Discover pendants, bracelets & more in silver or gold which are filled with significance to give them the gift of fine jewellery that will last a lifetime.

3rd Anniversary

While the traditional gift for a third anniversary is leather, the floral gift is Sunflowers. Celebrate this year with the Sunflower pendants & halos from the La Belle France collection. These designs are inspired by the beautiful blooms that fill the fields of the South of France every summer.

Just Something to Say 'I Love You'

Or do away with traditional anniversary gifts and find something which holds personal significance for your husband or wife...

9th Anniversary - Pottery

The Zellije designs are inspired by the colourful star like patterns of the ceramic mosaics made with small Zellije or tiles imitating the Greco Roman mosaics. The geometric Zellije style adorns palace walls throughout Morocco where like an optical illusion the whirling star-like patterns of the zellije appear, linking them like cartwheels one to another.

A Bespoke Project

Work with Cassandra & the expert team to create the perfect gift for your loved one. With our bespoke & hand-engraving service we are able to bring any dream to life.