Little Anniversary Gifts

Little Anniversary Gifts

To celebrate any upcoming anniversary, we have curated a selection of ideas...

Discover Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year


Queen Victoria gave her bridesmaids at her wedding 'Forget Me Nots' to wear and this story inspired these pendants...

Ozymandias Ring

The three stones could be a symbol of your three beloved children.

Beaumarchais Figaro Gold Bracelet

"The fluidity of chains makes them sit beautifully around the neck or wrist. Their flexibility comes from the many links they are composed of, enabling movement in almost any direction."


Star Anise

Star Anise is inspired on a spring garden design from Cassandra's travels to China. Spring is a time of flourishing and new growth...

Interchangeable Studs

You might want to update a pair of studs with a new halo...

Swap stones, switch metals, and change designs with Cassandra's Halo Earring Studio