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Discover our collection of charms, pendants, rings and cufflinks.

Whether a personalised Alice letter initial, or one of our Decimus enamel stacking rings, these pieces are bursting with charm and character.

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Iconic Pieces


Quote Pendants

An iconic pendant from Cassandra's Classic Collection, the quote pendant is the perfect, elegant piece for a niece off to University, a grandaughter embarking on a new adventure, or for a wonderful friend...just because.

Necklace Pendants


Alice Alphabet Letters

The letters of my initial pendants, bracelets and cufflinks are all from the typefaces I love the most: Bodoni, Columna and Palatino. I named the collection after Alice, the person I made the first letter for.



Stacking Rings

Our beautiful enamel Decimus rings from Cassandra's Italian Collection are wonderful on their own or stacked all together.

When one just isn't enough, choose from emerald green, turqoise, forest green or navy blue.

A Little Charm...



If you close your eyes and think of Mexico - I am sure there would be a cactus in your imagination; and so it was that, one design afternoon, thinking with eyes closed that I thought of cacti. And then wondered how I could portray the prickle without the spike? And there it was: a diamond set in the gold: 'A prickle without the spike'.

For Him